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We finance strong green companies by issuing triple-collateralized, private corporate bonds
backed with proven gold reserves by collaborating with our sister company,
Gold Backed Bonds LLC..


Lindsay T. Oliver - Managing Director and C.D.M.

Lindsay Oliver, has over 30 years experience in becoming a highly skilled and internationally recognized businessman. Lindsay’s experience includes acting as President and CEO of Universal Robotics Corporation, a flexible automation firm, for 7 years. He was also the founder and President of Horizon Robotics, a research and development firm, for 6 years.

During his established career, Mr. Oliver has gained extensive experience being primarily responsible for securing capital financing both domestically and internationally for the firms which he served.

Over the last decade he completed several financings for high growth technology companies in North America. In more recent years, he has completed financings for specialized Joint Ventures and public companies. He has also been contracted by numerous companies to assist in the completion of deals in the Oil and Gas, Alternative Energy and Mining sectors; such projects consisted of closings for debt, debt and equity splits, and private placements. Mr. Oliver obtained a University education in Canada, obtaining a B.A. in sociology, with a further two years of study, specializing in Criminology, which has acted as a valuable precursor to honing his talents in thoroughly vetting projects and their project management teams.

Theodore (Ted) Robinson MD LMCC FRCS (C) - Managing Director and Chairman

Dr. Robinson is both an accomplished Medical Doctor and a successful entrepreneur and businessman.  A graduate of the University of Manitoba Medical School (M.D. 1963), Dr. Robinson became a Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons of Canada in 1972 with numerous medical degrees (M.D., L.M.C.C, F.R.C.S.), and practiced plastic and reconstructive surgery in London, England and Vancouver, Canada from 1965-2002. 
Meanwhile, he also maintained a very energetic business life, serving as President of Mardan Management Ltd, (Hawaii) (1977-1986), president of Bison Petroleum (Oklahoma) (1978-1981), president of Theora Explorations Ltd (Alberta), vice president of Omira Health Centers, and president of Stardust Holdings Ltd. (1986 – present.)   

  He was a consultant to Pegasus Pharmaceuticals Group for 8 years, and president of the Robinson Group, an international neutriceutical marketing company in China, Canada, and the USA from 2008 to 2013.  He was the CSO of Neutraceutical Innovations Ltd. in Canada, the United States Chile and China from 2013 to 2016.  
In addition to Gold Backed Bonds, Dr. Robinson has served on the board of directors of G.R. Stein & Co., a merchant banking group based in Vancouver and Brussels, a director of Transamerican Energy, a TSX company (2001-2006.)He has also been the Chief Scientific Officer of Wildflower Marijuana Inc. since January of 2015 and the Medical Advisory Board of C-Levelclone May 2019 to present 
In short, Dr. Robinson brings strong credentials and a wealth of successful business experience to the Board of Directors of Impact International Secured Investments. 


John O'Neill

John O'Neill - Executive V. P. Advanced Technologies

Mr. O’Neill has been an entrepreneur since the late sixties and has had successful careers in the Printing and Publishing industries, Restaurants, Robotics Engineering, and Film and Video production.

He holds college degrees in Engineering Design and Technology (1980), Computers and Electronics Technology (1987), and Network Administration (2007).

He was Vice President at Universal Robotics Corporation, President of ARI Video Productions, sat on the Board of Directors for other national and international corporations and non-profit organizations, Chairman of the Manitoba Aerospace Consortium (1990), and is an award winning website designer and photographer.

He is currently President of O'Neill Multimedia Productions, Project Manager for the IHDN Inc.'Alladin' project, and Vice President - Technology at Gold Backed Bonds LLC.


Barry Wall

Barry Wall - Director of International Communications

Barry Wall is our electronic media specialist. As a professional broadcaster with over forty years of experience in Radio and Television he has served in roles from on-air personality, to program director, to general manager, and has built a strong foundation as a communicator, and mentor. 

He has built a reputation as a creative thinker with vision, drive, determination, and leadership to match his ability to motivate others in turning ideas into a winning reality.

He is the founder and president of I.R.O.C. Global Broadcasting and Consulting, an on-line commercial Radio platform based in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Flexibility is his corner stone providing him experience in many fields of endeavor that includes implementing several innovative Game Day marketing concepts and developing radio and television advertising campaigns for a professional sports franchise.

Barry was also part of the management team for one of Western Canada’s largest Robotics firms where his skills provided keynote speaking presentations for business forums throughout Western Canada as well as authoring marketing material for product development.

 Julian Burreci - Associate

Julian is a self-starter with a strong knack for direct sales and taking on leadership roles. He brings his energy, ambition, communication skills and youthful enthusiasm to Impact to make a positive contribution to the growth of the company. His abilities to build relationships have made him a welcome addition to our team - you can drop him in any major financial district and in a week he can build an extensive network of relevant contacts for any goal he sets out to accomplish.


Andy Shafer - Managing Director and Senior Projects Manager

Andy Shafer joined Impact International Secured Investments, Inc. in 2018, forming a United States extension of the Canadian head office focusing on Green Energy Bonds for a variety of energy projects.

Mr. Shafer has been in the energy development business over the last 20 plus years. Founding several of the companies as managing partner. In the late 1990s, he was a partner of the Energy Transportation Systems, Inc. (ETSI) working on a transmission line from Glenrock, Wyoming to the Mona Substation in Utah. After several years with ETSI, Mr. Shafer founded the Silver Crown Wind Energy project near Cheyenne Wyoming consisting of 67 MW of wind energy, which was subsequently purchased by Duke Energy. One of the largest projects Mr. Shafer has been involved with is a crude oil pipeline project anticipated to run from the Bakken Formation in North Dakota to the Houston, Texas harbor and east to west from Cheyenne, Wyoming to Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Mr. Shafer is also one of the founders of Niobrara Energy, LLC, a company constructing modular refineries nationwide with projects in Wyoming, Nevada, Utah, Texas, and New Mexico, as well as internationally in Belize, Central America.

A new wind farm project to begin soon will also be located in the Midwest.

Andy enjoys working in the energy sector as a hobby and a love for the people in the industry, and finds it very rewarding. Mr. Shafer graduated with a BA degree in 1975


Mike Carpenter - Senior Environmental Projects Advisor

Mike Carpenter is in charge of acquiring new gold and other precious metal mining properties. He brings a very successful track- record of negotiating and acquiring properties with very sizable gold, silver, and other precious metal reserves. The value of each mine acquired is established through reliable geological surveys and government-required N43-101 reports, which are carefully vetted by Mr. Carpenter.

Mike graduated from Willamette University with a degree in Economics and spent ten years in construction of commercial properties. After being bitten by the alternative-energy entrepreneurial bug, Mike erected Vestas wind towers in Colorado, built anaerobic digesters in Oregon, and securing the financing for a large commercial solar project in rural Oregon. He also secured financing for a massive project (a 10 million square feet property) in 2007 when funding for such projects was virtually non-existent with the collapse of Wall Street. In each instance, securing and negotiating the appropriate financing was a significant part of each project. It is Mike's financial experience and negotiating skills that make him a great fit to work with the Impact Financial team.



Jochen Kuhn - Senior Advisor / International INTEL Desk

Jochen Kuhn has over 30 years of experience in international trading and marketing. After graduating with a degree in business from the University of Mannheim in Germany, he moved to the U.S. in 1974 and spent 10 years with a major U.S. Trading firm in New York City, expanding their existing petrochemical activities into Asia and Europe.

In 1985 Jochen established his own company as a sole proprietorship and associated himself with a major Japanese Trading firm in their New York City location, executing trades in the Petrochemical Industry. He grew the business in excess of $50million annually. After more than 20 years Mr. Kuhn withdrew from the daily activities in the Petroleum/Oil and Chemical Trading and moved from the New York/ Connecticut area to Georgia. He established a Joint Venture partnership in commercial real estate development until moving to Florida in 2012.

Over the years, Jochen has maintained contacts with many former business associates worldwide and joined GBB late 2016 as manager of International Marketing. His language skills (German, French) and his established experience and contacts, primarily in Europe and Asia, was an ideal fit for the GBB team.

Effective January 1st, 2019 Jochen has been named Senior Advisor for Impact International Secured Investments, LLC- a division of Gold Backed Bonds, LLC. His international communication skills are a valuable assets as a liaison officer with existing and future clients.

Lugman Abdi Ahmed

Huan Johnson Ko - VP Business Development - Asia

Huan Johnson Koh is a Full Member of the Australian Institute of Minerals and Metallurgy (No. 321102) and a Chartered Engineer registered under the Institute of Engineers Australia. He is Qualified Person recognized by the Australian Stock Exchange and the Singapore Stock Exchange. Huan is also a licensed corporate secretary under Account Corporate Regulatory Authority of Singapore. Huan sits on the Board of Mineral Bull Pte Ltd, a Lead-Zinc producer based in Indonesia and is successfully working with two Listed companies, one on the Australian Stock Exchange and another on the Toronto Stock Exchange, in corporate development with a focus to the Asian Markets. Huan is experienced in valuations, securities valuation, debt structuring, business development, M&A advisory for companies involved in supply chain for companies in Industrial Manufacturing.


Lugman Abdi Ahmed

Lugman Abdi Ahmed - VP Business Development, Europe, Middle East, and Africa

As our U.K., Middle East and AFRICA area representative, Lugman is responsible for managing Impact International Secured Investment's investor relations and project funding deal flow qualifications. A seasoned finance professional who weathered the technology industry, starting as a patent engineer and examiner with over 30 years of experience.

Lugman has held diverse roles in technical research, product development and marketing with blue chip companies in capacities such as Manager at Apple Computers in Saudi Arabia and has been a driver of several technology startups such as Trriple Payments and Timeline Technology Solutions in Dubai, the UAE.

Lugman’s proven capabilities are in the areas of Islamic finance, project viability, project financing and investment management. He is concurrently the Founding Director of the Taktical Advisory Group (TAG), a Dubai-based venture capital advisory firm, and has played leading roles in consortium financial structuring for minerals, oil & gas exploration, real estate and project development, such as the implementation of a telemedicine centre at a leading Saudi healthcare facility, and as chief negotiator in the acquisition of Kenya’s third GSM license.

A graduate in electrical engineering with advanced certification in photovoltaic semiconductors and optical wave guides from USA, Lugman made a strategic transition towards a finance-oriented career with certifications in Islamic Banking, Islamic Finance Arbitration, Mining and Real Estate Development Projects Feasibility, Project Management, Management Consulting and Training, High-Value Sales Training, and Marketing & Sales Management.

Dubai, Singapore

London, England | Canada: Vancouver, Kelowna, Calgary, Winnipeg | United States: Oregon, Florida

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